We Can Fly Away- Old Songs and New Songs

by This Is For My Friends

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released April 23, 2010

Old Songs (B-Sides from "Everything We Made"): [space], Time Machine
New Songs (EP for upcoming "To Call This a Home"): 500, Tyler (Natalie), Apartments



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This Is For My Friends Winston Salem, North Carolina

This Is For My Friends is the lo-fi acoustic songwriting outlet for Alex Muller, a writer and musician living in and across the Carolinas.

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Track Name: Apartments
I'll move up,
I'll climb the stairs,
I'll break my back just to call this a home.

And we'll sit,
And watch the clouds
Pass underneath us as we sit on our throne.

And then when we wake up I'll watch you go
To work and then I'll go about my own,
And then when we come home at night I'll ask about your day,
When we're living in an apartment now.

I know
They line our streets,
Crushing our youth in between their teeth.
Four walls,
A roof and floor,
But being boxed in with you makes me feel free.

And I can work a job that I hate
If that's the only way to keep things the same,
But having you will make it great,
And we'll burn our apartment down.

Well I've learned
Everything that counts,
We can be living together in my heart.
And take,
Take every day,
Never be living two worlds apart.

We'll bind our wings onto our arms with wax and twine,
And we can fly away when the sun won't shine,
And we can beat our wings to our hearts to keep in time,
When we're flyin over the apartments now.