To Call This A Home

by This Is For My Friends

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(free) 06:24


This album is a concept album, but I think it's best you write the story for yourself. After all, part of the concept is about writing the story for yourself.

This album was recorded in my bedroom throughout the period of several months. It sounds like it, but I hope you enjoy it even more because of that.

Thank you for listening.


released July 15, 2011



all rights reserved


This Is For My Friends Winston Salem, North Carolina

This Is For My Friends is the lo-fi acoustic songwriting outlet for Alex Muller, a writer and musician living in and across the Carolinas.

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Track Name: Neighbors' Yards
Those summer girls are on your lawn,
With cut-off jeans and paper tongues.
Well take your pick, but don't be long.

We're drinking pink lemonade
From our cups with our bite marks on the rims.
Well drink it down, but take your time.

Well I know that I will forget
The names of my experience,
And they say "you're speeding up to stop,"
At the traffic light outside of her house.

Those precious words are on your tongue,
Too heavy now, they weigh a ton.
Well spit it out and don't be dry.

Well I know that I will forget
The names of my experience,
And they say "you're speeding up to stop,"
At the traffic light outside of her house.

Neighbors' yards, playin in our neighbors' yards.
Track Name: Sleeping In Your Car (With Her)
Well David’s car goes fast around the parking lot as we scream.
But we listen to our favorite songs on the stereo- I forgot the name of this one, till you remind me.
“I don’t know why I’m still afraid,” but we’re afraid to be alone.
But we got it alright tonight packed up tight in your room and you got her on the phone.

Well Jamie’s got a new car and it’s red, I don’t know where he went,
Maybe back to Pennsylvania, you’ll be there and I will name a song after you when I don’t sing it anymore.
Well “Jamie’s got a new car and it’s red,” I thought that’s what they said,
But we got it alright tonight, dancing in the rain in the streetlights outside your house.

And all those heads of curls that we had intentions for,
Will be knocking on our doors,
Saying “Oh you mean the world to me.”

Well Michael’s car won’t start outside the restaurant where he works.
But it’s the night I played a show and it’s the night he said he’d go,
And I know it’s her.

And she says, she says, “I can’t come out today,”
(“won’t you play”?)
She says “I can’t come out today,”
And I say, I say, “I know that I’ll just get in the way,”
But I say, “Won’t you play?
With me on the phone when you keep me hanging on?”

And all those heads of curls,
That we lost attention for,
Will be calling on our phones,
Saying “I thought I meant the world to you.”
Track Name: I Saw A
Dee doo doo, doo da da, etc.
Track Name: Spider
I slept till I couldn’t keep my eyes closed anymore,
So now you know.
And outside I saw a spider building a home.

I can’t get clean when I wash my hands,
“How do you do?” to a friend,
And outside I see lovers walking, making plans.

Well cut me loose, cut me loose again,
To tie me up again, tie me up again.
And push me out again, push out again,
To shut me up again, lock me up again.

Well I kiss the sheets when I cover my head,
And under here, I am king.
And I don’t gotta talk to you today, no way.

Well I know that he is more afraid of me than I am of him,
But then again,

You raise me up again, raise me up again.
To fly me in the wind, fly me in the wind.
And cut the cord again, cut the cord again,
To watch me slip away, let me fly away.

A spider, baby, I saw a spider, baby.
And I was afraid.
Track Name: Tyler (Natalie)
I like the girls who like Jesus,
But I know they won’t like me
‘Cus I’m not enough like him.
I’m underneath this spreading sea,
I feel the waves roll over me,
And I saw a ship out today,
I thought it was you, but I didn’t wave.

I hated when they would say
That we’re still children,
But where oh where have those children been?
Out here, we’re lost in space,
But I still hear you scream “Come back home!
We want control and you’re all alone.”
I saw myself out today,
He was runnin’ the other way.

I’d say that I am fine, but that’s a lie.
But I am happy, for what it’s worth.
Please take me home, my house is gone.
And I know I’ve torn it brick by brick.
I’d say that we are still good friends.
I met someone and they’re all I want,
And I hope that we can make a home.
Track Name: Living Together
So many sad songs,
Let’s write one more just to add to the score.
When all of these beautiful things living together around in my heart
Just end up apart, it’s a good place to start.

Sometimes I feel we keep meeting
Just to say goodbye, all of the time.
And I let these things go on living together around in my head
Just to tear it apart, let’s shoot in the dark.

Wait, I’ll crush you like a stone.
Track Name: What I Am
What I am, sorry for what I did,
I’ll do it again,
Even as I say “Oh I must change my ways,”
It’s a shame.

Well take it from me,
Am I forgiven yet?
My penance is my head
When I have lost it.

What you are, higher now than me,
Watching from a tree,
And in this nest I’ll sit,
Built of sweat and spit on top of it.

We’re filling up our days
With everything I want
To push it all on you
Before we’ve lost it.

What they are, sorry for what they have
And we just laugh
At everything we made, and all of their old names,
What a shame.

We’re trying to make
Something far from them,
They’re penance is our love
When they have lost it.

Out in the cold, out in the cold,
I found what I am,
Out in the cold, out in the cold
I finally found my head.

Yeah, yeah.
Track Name: Days By Myself
Take your time coming home,
I'll take my time running back to you.
Days by myself running circles,
Running out of words I strike them through.

Just to say that I think
I'll get to the point.

I'll be like the birds in the trees,
Happy for my only singing voice.
Even if I can't find all the words
I'll do my best to make some noise.

'Cus now you know that I think
I've got so much to say.

And all the while,
When we were building up our nests, we were singing just like them.
And they looked down,
From the highest of the branches, they looked down from overhead,
To make sure it wouldn't end.
And we kept singing just like them,
And we were singing just like them.
We were free within our nets,
We were singing just like them,
We had wings that wouldn't let us go.
So we keep singing just like them
And we are singing just like them.
We are singing just like them,
We are singing just like them.
Track Name: Trees
I ran down the street
With what you said to me,
And the birds were in their trees,
Tearing up their homes,
Built of spit and bones,
You called me on the phone.

From the porch, you say
"I've seen through you, for what it's worth,"
And then you scream
"Even the coldest crows you know come back to their trees."

I slept on the floor,
Never wanting more,
But my ears were ringing sore,
From the songs of all those birds,
When I was sitting on the curb,
And fighting back the urge.

To call you up,
And say "I need you now, I've had enough."
But they say,
"You don't know how many bones you got to break for them to stay straight."

But I think, when they're broken,
We won't fix them,
We just let them fall.
So fix me, and prove me wrong.

I woke up to songs of birds,
And couldn't make out the words,
But you sang the final verse
In my ear so sweet.
And I could fall asleep.
Track Name: When We Can't Sleep
I cannot squeeze you in an hour's dress,
I wouldn't rush to take it off.
When we're young we can't enjoy the taste,
When we're old we've had enough.

So stay awake, with me,
Let's stay awake, when we can't sleep.

You cannot pin me in an evening suit,
Don't confine my progress there,
It'll take some days just to taste this smile,
And your lips could take a year.

So stay awake, with me,
Let's stay awake, when we can't sleep.

Hey love, this time is not for us,
Oh but, in this moment there's still time enough
When I'm with you, evening blue,
In darkest night, there's still light
In countless stars, we'll count them all
Before we fall, fall asleep.

Got time, got time.
Track Name: Apartments
I'll move up,
I'll climb the staris,
I'll break my back just to call this a home.

And we'll sit,
And watch the clouds
Pass underneath us as we sit on our throne.

And then when we wake up I'll watch you go
To work and then I'll go about my own,
And then when we come home at night I'll ask about your day,
When we're living in an apartment now.

I know
They line our streets,
Crushing our youth in between their teeth.
Four walls,
A roof and floor,
But being boxed in with you makes me feel free.

And I can work a job that I hate
If that's the only way to keep things the same,
But having you will make it great,
And we'll burn our apartment down.

Well I've learned
Everything that counts,
We can be living together in my heart.
And take,
Take every day,
Never be living two worlds apart.

We'll bind our wings onto our arms with wax and twine,
And we can fly away when the sun won't shine,
And we can beat our wings to our hearts to keep in time,
When we're flyin over the apartments now.
Track Name: Nights Alone
I can't write poetry anymore,
The words escape me,
And fall off the page
When I try to attach any meaning to their legs.

They seem to say I tie them down.

I can't find any new ways
To say the same thing over again,
To say "I love you" until I bleed out the color
Of the sentiment.

I'm afraid you'll say I tie you down.
Track Name: Nights With You
(I said) Can I paint you as you are?
I didn't have your colors then,
When I was singing from afar,
I thought I'd lose my voice again.

(She said) I don't know what you think you are,
But baby, it's better than you say,
As long as we have these singing hearts,
Then I'm sure we can find new ways

To say

That I love you.
I love you.

So I'll keep us as we are,
In a window with a view,
And if we spend our nights apart,
I'll think of every night with you.

And I love you.
I love you.